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Blemishes are marks or areas of discoloration on the skin. In some cases, acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples may also be referred to as blemishes.

Some blemishes, such as port-wine stains, are discolorations a person is born with. Other blemishes, particularly acne, are caused by clogged pores. These are often caused by toiletries and cosmetics, particularly night creams, foundations, and moisturizers. Those cosmetics that are most likely to cause blemishes are referred to as comedogenics. Therefore, anyone with a predisposition to blemishes should only use cosmetics labeled as non-comedogenic.

Environmental factors, such as pollution, can irritate the skin and cause blemishes to form. Blemishes can also become worse when they come into contact with irritants such as hair and clothing.

Stress and hormonal changes can also cause blemishes. In particular, a hormone called androgen can result in blemishes when it becomes particularly active. This is because the hormone increases production of sebum, the skinís natural oil. As this oil accumulates, it increases the chance for bacteria to grow and clog the pores.

Women are particularly prone to hormonal changes when they enter adulthood and menopause. They are also more likely to develop blemishes during pregnancy or menstruation because of the related hormonal changes. For those suffering from blemishes due to hormonal changes, certain medications can be beneficial. Oral contraceptives and antiandrogens can be helpful for women, while oral corticoseteroids can be beneficial to both sexes.

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Did you know?

  • Stress and pollution can contribute to skin blemishes.
  • Rosacea, rashes, skin discolorations, pimples, black heads and white heads are all forms of blemishes.